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Finally...A Complete Toolkit for REIT investors!

REITScreener is a complete suite that powers your REIT investing with actionable market insights to improve your odds of outperforming the market.
TailoredTrying to filter for REITs using a conventional stock screener? Try filtering for gearing, net property income, occupancy rate or lease expiries. You simply can't because other screeners are not tailored to screen for high quality REITs.
GlobalREITScreener covers the major REIT markets of the US, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. REITScreener is committed to continue the expansion into new markets in the near future.
ActionableDiscover new and promising REIT investment opportunities. Build your own screening rules once and store them to be used repeatedly. In no time you will be building up a watchlist of REITs best suited to your portfolio to get you started on your investing journey.
EaseCut out the need to mine through hours of annual reports. Quickly and easily analyse REITs with over 8 years of historical data and built-in valuation models. Our subscribers all time favourite is relative valuation chart which gives you an instant gauge your buy/sell prices.
CustomisableWhether you are looking for value, growth, low volatility or simply sustainable income we have those strategies "pre-programmed"! This saves your time and flattens your learning curve. Take our quiz to find out which strategies best fit you.

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There are some things you should consider to make informed and profitable investment decisions.

REITScreener gives you actionable market insights!

View a snapshot of the entire market, including trends, in a single interface for investing into strength. Read the latest relevant news to educate your decisions.